Hello! My name is Olga Kovalevska. I am a music journalist, photographer and producer from Ukraine, founder of the music agency Urban Lys.
Photography is a very important part of my journalistic and promoting work. As a reporter and a music manager I have often been capturing concerts and portraits of musicians I wrote about. My photos were published in such media: Der Tagesspiegel, Märkische AllgemeineCulture.plThe Claquers, Counterpoint magazine, Old Fashioned Radio and others. 
Here is what journalist Karim Saab from the "Märkische Allgemeine" wrote about my work in the festival Jazzoffensive in December 2023: "Photographer Olha Kovalevska was present at all of the concerts with her camera. Her pictures give a vivid impression of the concerts, which were stylistically very different." 
In my music agency Urban Lys I worked with many amazing photographers, whom I admired and learned from. They encouraged me to continue developing my photo skills. This is how photography grew in a special direction of my agency' work Urban Lys Photos (#ulphotos) and in my professional passion. For me photography is a way of portraying music inspiration, the atmosphere of a concert. In this activity I can be free in co-creating with artists. 
But not only music inspires me. I also enjoy urban culture and city photography, strict geometry of modern buildings and a charming flavour of folk architecture, local specific of different regions and people. I think, there are no borders or measures in discovering and expressing the poetry of living and loving the world. As classic wrote, "All the world’s a stage..." This is what I learn in photography every day.
2023 - 3rd place in the #WelterbeVerverbindt photo competition from The German Commission for UNESCO and the Association of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany for the photo "Childhood in Potsdam".
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