Vadim received direct inspiration for this solo program from his native city of Odesa, where he spent the first 17 years of his life: “Potemkin Stairs”, “Odesa 1941”, “Jewish Dance”, “My First Rock Concert” – these are just a few titles from 13 parts of the piano cycle, in which Neselovskyi is an exciting and virtuoso narrator. With each change of time and place, this traveler between worlds brings new stylistic colours to the game – from classical and jazz to ragtime and chanson – and ends his intense journey through the Black Sea port city with what we all want to see – “The Renaissance of Odesa”.
The program is more relevant than ever today, when Odesa suffers daily from hostile Russian attacks. Perhaps this is also due to the great international interest in this concert, which has already been performed in various parts of the world and continues its triumphant ascent, fortunately, with a stop in Potsdam.
Olga Kovalevska for

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